Quotes for Tim Lyddon

“All three musicians, Tim Lyddon on piano, Tom Hubbard on bass, and Scott Latzky on drums, have come together again as one entity that reveals just how dynamic an entity can be.” says WBGOʼs Dan Karcher.

"I've traveled so far is the best jazz piano trio recording in recent years. It's distinctive from everything else." Daniel Karcher - WBGO (Americas' jazz station)

"The pianist has a light touch that allows for a certain resonance, meaning that his lines- often little snippets of pure melody-are flecked with intrigue." James Macnie – Village Voice

With an engaging light as a feather, block-chord touch, pianist Tim Lyddon spins out original and standard compositions in the piano trio format. Even in a congested market, Lyddon makes a strong case for his rendering of the piano trio. - Michael Bailey (All About Jazz).

" Not since Keith Jarrett's powerful rendition on "Tribute" have I experienced such fire in a performance as "All The Things You Are", Dan Karcher.

Armed with a slightly irreverent sense of humor that is sprinkled throughout Shades of People. Itʼs safe to say Lyddon never met a motif he couldnt weave into the fabric of an intro. He does it on all six standards and each is a delight. - JAZZ TIMES May 2004

The legendary Jaki Byard said "Tim's improvisations show the depth of an exceptionally mature musician."

"David Stone, Jack Lacompte, and Tim Lyddon, a solid rhythm section" THE L.A. JAZZ WEEKLY.

"The Leonard Bernstein ballad "Somewhere" is given an exquisite trio treatment with the band members acting in empathic unison. Chalk up another superb trio recording from Tim Lyddon. He makes it a pleasure to listen to jazz music."Michael Bailey (All About Jazz)



Has led his trio at at:

Birdland NYC, Sweet Basil NYC,  Kavehaz NYC,  Knitting Factory NYC,  Cornelia St. Cafe NYC, Detour NYC, The Deerhead Inn PA, The Priory New Jersey,..  Dontes Los Angeles,  The Baked Potato Los Angeles,  Alfonses Hollywood, Calif,  Jax Glendale, California,Catalina's Bar and Grill Hollywood, California The Jazz Loft San Diego, Calif.,  Cezanne Houston, Texas, The Magnolia Hotel Houston, Bb jazz club Tokyo, Japan, Someday Tokyo, Japan, Jazz Bar Independence Tokyo, Japan, Jazz Spot J Tokyo, Japan,  Absolute blue Tokyo Japan, No Black Tie Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sacred Grounds Coffee House .. Scottsdale Arizona,  Phillipines jazz festival, Galveston jazz festival

And has performed with:

on bass:

Scott Lee, Steve Laspina, Tom Hubbard, Tony Marino, Harvey Newmark,Bob Magnusson,Darek Oles, Juini Booth, Jeff Berlin, John Clayton, Putter Smith, Martin Wind, John Hebert, Scott Colley, Monty Budwig, Richard Maloof

On drums:

Chuck Flores,Dick Berk, Eliot Zigmund, Scott Latzky, Jeff Hirschfield, Jeff Hamilton, Billy Mintz, Tony Moreno, Bill Goodwin,Tom Rainey, John Hollenbeck, Jack Ranelli, John French


Bob Summers, Carl Saunders,Roy Wiegand, Andy Martin, Bill Watrous, Ray Lynn


Kim Richmond, Sam Most, Bobby Millitello,Gary Foster, Bob Shepherd, Ralph LaLama, Gordon Brisker,


Herb Jeffries, Dennis Rowland, Mariette Hartley, Supremes, Brenda Vaccaro, Al Wilson, JC Parish, Paul Delicato.